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About us

Our European Center for Human Reproduction consults all categories of intended parents about their reproductive rights. We are specialists in international legislations in the sphere of reproduction (IVF). When you are interested in reproductive tourism but worry about laws and rules we are here to help.


We strongly believe that everybody has equal right for parenthood. So there is no difference whether an intended parents have a registered marriage or not, whether they are homo- or heterosexual. Single or couples are equally welcomed, so everyone can become a parent.

If you are in need of treatment that is unavailable in your country of residence (egg donation, sperm donation, surrogacy) we will find the most appropriate variant for you (country and lab) and consult about all legal aspects of future treatment. Today any infertility can be treated. Being at your side we will make the expertise of the contract and tell about pitfalls.


If you have chosen a clinic already or started the treatment we can make the audit of your case, focusing on the most unclear details.


We specialize in counseling of the most complicated cases, including donation, incapacitated patients, surrogacy (including for single men), with spouses with different citizenship.

We are not connected with any clinic or agency and are independent for sure.

Another our service is medical transportation. We bring biological material (embryos, eggs) internationally by special couriers in dry shippers.

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The Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic has recognized a same-sex couple as legal parents of a child born through surrogacy in the United States

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